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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Duh: a Cautionary Tale and an Apology

Before you spend three weeks purchasing and gathering materials for a conference presentation on kinda sorta brand new research and three days reading a bunch of crap out of the crap you have purchased and gathered--three days of the mere five you have to write the conference paper, you might want to take a look back at the abstract of said paper in the approved proposal. If you do, you might see that you are presenting a paper whose topic is almost completely unrelated to the research you are preparing to do. You might also see that the topic, while not as kinda sorta brand new as the imaginary topic you are about to spend money and time on, is even more abstract and difficult than the abstract and difficult crap you normally do. You might also wonder what your real proposed paper has to do with the topic of the panel (which you created) and the other papers on the panel (which you chose). You might also decide it's no wonder that you decided you were writing on the imaginary topic because the imaginary topic does actually have to do with the panel topic and the other papers, while the real topic. . .well, not so much. You might also realize you're fushizzled. Deeply deeply fushizzled.

I am going underground to write this impossible paper. If all you see here for the next few days is a series of Chalupa photos and/or the occasional one or two-word post (Fuck! Help! Dear God! The Humanity! Send Back-up! Fuck Fuck!), I hope you will understand. On that note, I leave you with "Chihuahua in the Sun."

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