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Monday, March 26, 2007

Happiness (a rune reading)

Runes are read from right to left. The right and the left represent two pages. The middle represents that which holds them together or keeps them from being turned. I usually think of the right rune as the present situation, the middle rune as the obstacle or the vehicle (i.e. that which is blocking change or that which will allow it), and the left as the result of the first two.

Ability to recognize happiness

Wunjo reversed: Wunjo is the rune of joy, good fortune, harmony, and love. Reversed, it indicates disharmony. Could indicate untrustworthy colleagues. Often associated with a highly emotional period, leading to depression and digestive problems.

Raido reversed: Raido is the travel rune, indicating inner and outer journeys, and is a rune of action and movement. Reversed, it indicates disrupted plans.

Isa: Isa relates to ice, cooling, and freezing. It tends to bind and solidify the messages of surrounding runes. Plans are slow to develop, and it may be necessary to let some old plans go. Everything is on hold, but this can also bring clarity.

OK, so here's my reading: You are perfectly capable of clearly recognizing and achieving happiness. I see the middle rune as representing an obstacle and it indicates that your plans have been consistently disrupted. You are starting from a baseline of disharmony and heightened emotion (wunjo reversed), then you hit more road bumps and disruption (raido reversed), and so of course this is going to lead to a state of suspended happiness (isa).

The fact that the first rune I drew was wunjo, which simply means "joy," indicates to me that you are capable of recognizing and experiencing joy, even though the rune is reversed. The other runes show that it's just being impeded, and not by you. The message is to ride out the turmoil, to rest, and to meditate. You'll find clarity and, yes, happiness. The numbers 7 and 3 are also associated with these runes, indicating that seven or three days, weeks, months, or even years might be of importance.

Musical Rx: Lucinda Williams, "Joy"




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