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Monday, March 26, 2007


I went through a little witchy phase when I first moved to Crowded American City. I was known to make potions and light candles and celebrate the occasional solstice. I spent a lot of time in witch stores. I even have a tiny gold pentacle on my charm bracelet.

My preferred method of divination as witchy Medusa was reading the runes. I love runes, or my "magic rocks" as one or another of the ex-bassists used to call them. During the witchy phase, I owned three different sets. I bought sets for I don't know how many friends for how many birthdays. I now own maybe six in all, most incomplete because I used to take raido with me every time I travelled, and raido never quite made it back into the set. So I have about five raido-less sets, and as of last week one brand new COMPLETE set made of dalmatian jasper. Freckled runes! Right on!

Before the very auspicious reading I did last night, I have no idea when I last did a runecast. According to the dusty old rune journal I just dug up, I stopped doing regular casts in 1998. I did daily casts! I really was witchy! Of course that was back when I have actively not writing my dissertation, but still. . .I was committed to the runes!

So anyway, I am resuming this old (ancient even!) habit. If you'd like me to do a runecast for you, leave a comment with the "concern" or "question" you'd like to address in mind. Hmmm. . . weekly rune readings with Medusa? Possibly. After all, I do have a couple of books to not write :).



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