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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fevah (in which I objectify fire fighters)

What is sweeter (and I do mean "sweet" as in "sweet bike, dude . . .ever take it off any sweet jumps?") than seeing two firemen in their little fire-fighting pants with their suspenders and their tight t-shirts shopping for dinner ingredients in the produce section of the grocery store? Nothing. I actually had to psychically slap myself a few times to snap myself out of the pineapple in one hand, mouth open, staring, blinking pose I assumed for oh, I don't know, a good 45 seconds. One of them caught me though and did the half-smile nod. I believe they were from the firehouse I run by every day on my summer running route. Ahhh. . . .the boys of Engine 7.

Spring has sprung, my friends, and I do believe I have the fever. This totally makes up for hairy half-naked yoga guy.

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