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Friday, April 13, 2007

It is I! The Chalupa!

I have come with greetings of the Friday evening. The Mama Medusa, she is of the maudlin, with the pining and the grieving all over again of the lover lost and lost again with the moving to lands of vast farness from these. I know not of these sorts of matters, but I respect the feeling with which she feels this the sadness. This closeness she has with this one, it is of the deep and to-be-missed closeness of specialness. It, how the ever, makes for the not so good fare of the blog.

Do not fear! I am here to retrieve the cheerfulness of the day! It has come to the attention of I, Chunk-o-Pup Chalupa Puttalily Fandango, this thing of the mee. . . meeemer. . . .meeee-MAR. . .meeeemeeee. . meme. The Cat of Man of the Doctor of Crazy, he has informed me of the ritual of the tag. The great Sidonia has requested that the Cat of Man of the Doctor of Crazy and I reveal the Five Things about the Selves of Us to which you may have not heretofore been of the privy. Without the ado of further:

1. I was born on the Eve of Christmas. What chihuahua is this? 'Tis I.
2. According to the Rays of X of the veterinary caregivers, I have no knees in the hind legs, or rather the knees caps they have floated jauntily hither and thither from their places of ought-to-be. They rebel from the oppressive structure of the normative skeletal order! Yet I leap, I frolic, I run! I am the dog of miracles. Revolución!
3. The crazy hair of the Medusa? It is most fun to bite, especially when she is of the sleeping. She awakes! Do I turn to stone when I encounter the angry gaze of the awakened crazy-head Medusa? Tsk tsk! No no! It is the most fun of games.
4. My name in the real life it is that of the same of the most venerable of divas, I feel. She is of the talent and of the beauty, as am I. Viva la diosa!
5. The Mama Medusa, she waited quite the while after the passing of her grand chat domestique, the companion of seventeen years, the great Shiva, to bring another creature into the household. I was born précisément three days before the passing of the Shiva. Even though it took four of the years for her to find me, we, the Mama Medusa and I, were brought together for the reason, no?

With that, I will end! And I beseech you to enjoy this the Spring weekend, this the weekend, this the Spring, this the joy!

Peace the out,
I . . . . The Chalupa!




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