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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Random Bullets of Medusa Went Out and Had Some Drinks*

7:20 a.m. Oh my.
  • "The language of love has become a foreign tongue." Sing it, baby. SING. IT.
  • *poof*
  • Really? I am really meeting the mother of The Boy (of the messy breakup of nearly a year ago) for the first time? Tonight? Why? Whhhhhhhhhy?
  • *poof*
  • These are for you, Dr. Crazy:
      • Heee, me nime iz Jeeermy. Jeermy frim Deeery. Ujkdklsy ksljk ledy ksjlkedyg kdyekla dlyekdl dlkylklslsy KIEOILSUY.
      • Surreptitiously. Ye like that word, doncha?
      • Russell Crowe? Doogie Howser?
      • *poof*
      • *poof*
  • Cigarettes smoked since July 17, 2005 prior to this evening: 0. Cigarettes smoked since July 17 2005, after this evening: 0. Zero! Cero! Null! Nullus!
  • *poof*
  • My feelings for Ex Turned Friend? Perhaps they run a teensy bit more deep than anyone, least of all me, suspected.
  • Hippies ruin everything.
  • Whiskey nice. Mmmm. . . .sleepy. Night night.

*Likely to self-destruct upon the sober light of sunrise




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