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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Kiss! Chase! Tilt! (a rune reading)

Isa Wunjo Ansuz

Question: Am I intuitively moving toward where I need to be?

Ansuz: Ansuz is the rune of language, creativity, signs, and messages and is associated with learning, the spoken word, scholarship, and those we respect and admire. Sometimes indicates help or advice coming from one held in high esteem. Situations may change quickly. Dreams will provide guidance.

Wunjo: Wunjo is the joy rune and is associated with good fortune, domestic happiness, comfort, fellowship and harmony. Existing relationships will be happy and new attractions are possible. Creative, artistic, and intuitive concerns are well aspected and could bring an increase in money.

Isa: Isa relates to ice, cooling, and freezing. It tends to bind and solidify the messages of surrounding runes. Plans are slow to develop and it may be necessary to let some old plans go, especially to avoid a rut. Some kind of suspension of movement is indicated, but this could also bring safety and clarity.

My reading: The first two runes indicate that creativity or creative pursuit is at the heart of the question. Wunjo in the middle position suggests artistic endeavors bringing not only success but also harmony and happiness. Wunjo acts as a key rune here and asks you to pay attention to the messages of both Ansuz and Isa. Ansuz is also a powerfully creative rune, especially as creativity applies to language. It suggests that you should rely on the advice of those you admire but also on signs, messages, dreams, and your own intuition. Ansuz, also called "the poet's rune," indicates a period of intense inspiration. Wunjo and Ansuz together indicate newness and quick changes, and the idea is that going with changes rather than being afraid of them or trying to stand still will bring inspiration and joy. Isa is a rune of very slow change, and I think it is highly significant that a rune of sudden change and a rune of slow change or stagnation lie on either side of Wunjo or joy. Being too safe may lead to a rut. To me, this means you cannot go wrong with whatever love objects you are kissing or muses you are chasing. Hell, even the occasional windmill tilting is not a bad idea. It's all in the "ing"! While the track may seem a little wacky, you know it's right.

Musical Rx: Morphine, "The Night"




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