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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Crazy for you (a rune reading)

Laguz (reversed) Gebo Sowelu

Runes are read from right to left. The right and the left represent two pages. The middle represents that which holds them together or keeps them from being turned. I usually think of the right rune as the present situation, the middle rune as the obstacle or the vehicle (i.e. that which is blocking change or that which will allow it), and the left as the result of the first two.

What does the future hold for querent and the object of her infatuation?

Sowelu: Sowelu is the sun rune and is associated with strength, light, clear vision, good health, good luck, and energy. It sheds a positive light on the other runes in the cast, suggests hope, and indicates eventual victory. Could represent the love of a man for a woman. A happy romance may be suggested.

Gebo: Gebo is a love rune and is associated with gifts, partnerships, and generosity. To those who are unattached, Gebo could indicate a new relationship forming. It indicates a need to share and to give of yourself. Literal and figurative gifts (talents, skills, creative abilities) should be given generously but responsibly.

Laguz (reversed): Laguz is the water rune and is associated with fluidity, lack of control, sensuality, and a feminine sexuality. Reversed, it indicates a tendency to try too hard and to control a natural ebb and flow that cannot be controlled. The counsel of Laguz reversed is moderation, of emotions and in all forms of consumption.

My reading: Here the two runes on each side of Gebo represent two possibilities for the relationship. The middle rune in this case works as a key that unlocks each possibility, depending on the choices made. Gebo itself suggests that the two people involved are exceptionally talented and have much to share with one another. You are capable of having a deeply mutually beneficial relationship, but this requires giving of yourselves and sharing your talents freely. If you do, the relationship will bring that which Sowelu offers--energy and good fortune to both of you. If competition, pettiness, or emotional stinginess replaces giving or if the infatuation begins to eclipse all other individual needs, the storms suggested by Laguz reversed will drown out the sun. When this happens, the tendency is to push, control, and overindulge in all the wrong ways. The placement of the runes suggests that returning to the strength of the relationship (Sowelu) is only possible through unselfish affection and respect (Gebo). The fact that Sowelu represents a man and Laguz a woman should not be overlooked. The key to bringing and keeping these two together lies with the messages of Gebo. There will always be a push and pull between these two strong egos, but Sowelu in the first position casts a happy light over their chances.

Musical Rx: Annie Lennox, "The Gift"




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