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Friday, April 20, 2007

Up against the wall, chihuahua mother**

I am buried in end-of-the-semester work, including 1001 meaningless busy-work tasks manufactured by TDC, and I am also facing deadlines on several major projects. Until I extricate myself, I leave you with Chalupa photos.

She wants to tell you that she greatly enjoyed sharing particulars of her life with you all and plans to do more of this in the future. For now, she would like you to know these "details of privy:" 1) she loves to bark at air traffic; 2) she is very much looking forward to meeting her new friends in her Chihuahua Meet-up Group (oh no folks, I do not lie, it's for real) starting in May; and 3) she loves her viva-Chalupa bloggy friends.

**That's right, Jerry Jeff Walker. Uh huh, revealing my roots.




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