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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's that time again. . .Chihuahua Wednesday

The Chalupa, in various states of awakeness. . .

She wonders if you know that she hardly ever sleeps uncovered and will burrow under anything handy and soft. This is her favorite wool sweater, which makes her a little itchy but is otherwise quite nice.

Here she is squinting in the sun, but this looks exactly like the "squint of frustration," an expression she often makes when you have not been paying attention to what is required of you (e.g. "OUTSIDE!" "VISIT MILO!" "BREAKFAST!"). The squint of frustration is often accompanied by sighs or snorts, and once or twice I swear I saw a slight resigned shake of the head.

Finally, she encourages all of you to take the soonest possible opportunity for a nap in whatever slice of sun is available to you.




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