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Saturday, May 05, 2007

21st Century Rear Window

You have got to be kidding me. Hairy Yoga Guy is back!! And unbelievably he has brought a Yoga Friend out to the porch to do yoga with him! And AND they have brought a boom box and are playing a YOGA TAPE with an annoyingly soft yet precise voice calling out positions and reminding them to breathe, all to the atonal mess of new-agey flutey music playing in the background! And Yoga Friend is right behind hairy yoga guy on the narrow porch, having to look right at his hairy scantily clad downward facing hairy body parts! And his nasty feet are right in her face! What is wrong with you, Yoga Friend? What kind of misguided masochistic kinky hippie chick are you??

Oh. my. god. As I write this, barrel-chested, super-muscular, tank-topped, shaved-head, tattooed, goatee guy has come out to his porch directly above yoga porch to do pull-ups on a roof beam. And he has turned up the STP on his stereo to do so! Go Shaved-Head Rocker Dude! Go! Heeeeee. It's like watching the battle of "body work" style choices.

Wait! Hairy Yoga Guy and Yoga Friend of Questionable Proclivities have scurried inside. Oh oh. . .Shaved-Head Rocker Dude is now leaving his porch, satisfied with one set of pull-ups. Oop. Hairy Yoga Guy and Yoga Friend of Questionable Proclivities are back! Ewww. The bent-leg pulling the foot toward the crotch and then outward. Ewwwwwwww! Oh oh. HA! Shaved-Head Rocker Dude has come back. OH OH OH OH! To beat a rug over the side of his porch!

Well-played, Shaved-Head Rocker Dude, well-played!



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