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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Brad Pitt's ass is mesmerizing

Yes, I am watching the newly acquired HBO again. So far, the above is all I have to say about Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Edited to add, 12:36 a.m.: And ultimately the above is all I have to say about Mr. & Mrs. Smith. And I do mean "mesmerizing" in an original sense, à la Franz Anton Mesmer, in that I believe Brad Pitt's ass has a sort of trance-inducing magnetic force. This must account partially for the fact that I have now watched this movie two or three times and I can't ever really remember anything that happens in it. Everything about it will be erased from my mind by morning. Right now, I know it is a sleek and smartish and funny send-up of all deadly middle-class surburban marriages. But all that is already being slowly crushed by the weight of all that confusing beauty (as well as the magnetic force of Brad Pitt's ass).

By the way, I was fast asleep tonight by 9:30, having been mesmerized by BPA and exhausted by grading, etc. The only reason I am awake right now is because Paloma called me (on the cell phone, which turns into the emergency/bail me out of jail, please phone after midnight on weeknights) to ask me if I could hear random explosions in the distance. She had been hearing them sporadically for about two hours, they were freaking her out, and she couldn't sleep. After listening for a while, I heard them and came up with this explanation to calm her down: dynamite blasting at a rock quarry. I told her I recognized the sound from when I lived in Indiana. She was relieved because she had been thinking [laughingly] that "maybe The Idiot was right and the terrorists had followed us home!". So she got off the phone to go to sleep. I am now wide awake. I do not really know what the sounds are. They sound kind of cool in the (quarry-less, I am pretty sure, within any conceivable ear shot) distance. And while I do not think G. W. Idiot is right about anything, I am left sleepless.




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