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Friday, August 10, 2007

Poetry Friday, a Medusa original

Joy Drop

I spent a soft night with you distilled
Into your simple rich sweetness
The stuff of you I imagine was the child you
The whisper shimmer joy of you
(Held so tight so close to you in waking life)
Made full, let go to laugh, to talk with me
In hushed conspiratorial tones
About joy joy joy scandalous joy
And the promising transparency of masks
Always wavering, allowing me to see you
Like this, even as day breaks.


This was inspired by a happy dream I had just before waking this morning. In it, I was hanging out with some friends and family in a gorgeous old seaside house, made all of mahogany inside but full of rich light. I went from room to room, talking with all of these people I love. All of them--my mother, a friend from college, More Fun, my sister--were as content and happy and bright and calm as I had every seen them. I had this incredible feeling that I was having a conversation with the most essential part of each person, the most basic and joyous and untouched by any troubling thing in this world.

In the last part of the dream, the part most specifically referenced in the poem, I was rolling around in bed (not like that) with my friend, Feste, giggling and chatting about nothing. I woke up missing him and all the people in the house but feeling very content and happy and lucky indeed.

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