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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lame wooer

So tomorrow night is my second third date (the first third date being five actually I recently realized it's only been four years ago) with Narcissistic String Theory Guy, and he suggests we go over to his friend's house for a small gathering involving food, drinks, and baseball watching. Why do I feel like this is lame? I mean I love the baseball, but quite frankly if I were having a night of baseball I would want to watch it alone or with my friends and in a bar or better yet, in Fenway Park.

All week I have been looking forward to spending time with him, and this idea of hanging out with him and friends I have never met just seems . . . I don't know. I mean--I am still getting to re-know him and I don't know at all where I want this to go or what I want this to be, if anything. Am I being a jackass?

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