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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Things I want to rant about but cannot blog about

  • What the i*&s xi k$u b*we, 8a)) yiu w$#u a "C"??!! &*&r h^*~ o* professional fucking ethics????
  • Pufkeuk! What you are really doing is breeding bloody fucking capitalists in the name of reiqulkdn! F;lfeuioqnkd!!
  • Hey, *&*) *t^@#ny^, you suck!
  • Hey, Uwln Elidnklsi! Stop being sexy, for 7863'@ ruei! Y&* **u -)@ my stu@$^*!!
  • I have e*@(#( Denis Leary'@ 3kdu8 98dn a *(&*(*(&!! I *&**() ^^ *((& to have actual real world implications.
  • Oh shit! I might $# meiowjled *& this book.

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