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Friday, January 04, 2008

Poetry Friday, The Galilee Hitch-Hiker, Part 4

The Flowerburgers

Baudelaire opened
up a hamburger stand
in San Francisco,
but he put flowers
between the buns.
People would come in
and say, "Give me a
hamburger with plenty
of onions on it."
Baudelaire would give them a flowerburger
instead and the people
would say, "What kind
of hamburger stand
is this?"

The first Brautigan of the new year! Hurrah!

All is well in the Deep Red. The drama has died down, I am getting bendier and bendier and mellower and mellower with the stretching (it really makes you sore, though, huh?), and I feel truly relaxed for the first time in a while. If it's only for a day, I'll take it.

Today I am having lunch with my niece and then going for a little makeover of the Medusa locks at a NEW salon with a DIFFERENT stylist in THE DEEP RED. I know, livin' on the edge in the '08. This weekend, the Chalupa and I travel home.

Have a happy first weekend of the new year.




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