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Friday, December 14, 2007

Poetry Friday, Brautigan rides again

The Galilee Hitch-Hiker, Part 1

Baudelaire was
driving a Model A
across Galilee.
He picked up a
hitch-hiker named
Jesus who had
been standing among
a school of fish,
feeding them
pieces of bread.
"Where are you
going?" asked
Jesus, getting
into the front
"Anywhere, anywhere
out of this world!"
"I'll go with you
as far as
said Jesus.
"I have a
at the carnival
there, and I
must not be late."

'Tis the season of light blogging, but I feel I have been especially lax. Some reasons: 1. My courses and related projects have been super-intense this semester. It was not only the load, which was weighty, but also the nature of the material and the kinds of students I had. All of this was good, though. Incredibly energy-sucking but good. 2. Because of the courses I taught this semester, the grading is especially heavy and time-consuming. I am not just in the local grading clink. I'm in the big house, baby. 3. I have a whole slew of unbloggable things that I am trying to render bloggable, including a. teaching/research stuff, which I generally do not discuss here; b. some people acting like big jerks in old, predictable ways that are so far too annoying and ultimately too tedious to discuss at any length; c. sweet sweet stupid crushes, which are sweet sweet and stupid; and d. my total lack of depression this fall and winter, which I cannot quite wrap my head around and which I feel like if I might jinx if I try to. So I may be blogging any or all of these, once I get gated out of the whoscow.

"The Galilee Hitch-Hiker" is a nine-part poem, by the way, so at least there will be Brautigan (and Baudelaire) for weeks to come.

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