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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This week's wardrobe inspired by . . .

I am feeling a casual vibe this week, probably because I spent the weekend hanging out in bars with bassists. I want to be a bit slouchy or in jeans or, apparently, in Paris.

I also seem to be, judging from last week and this, obsessed with blue-green shoes.

I rarely wear jeans to school any more, only on the occasional day when I am not teaching and sometimes at the tail end of the semester. This week is full of important meetings, so I have not been at all casual, but I do have a menswear mixed with chunky baubles and girly bows and Paris cool thing happening. Though I could never be as cool as Lou Doillon. Maybe if I had the long-coveted rocker bangs. Or if I were French. Or the daughter of Jane Birken.




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