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Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Wow. I have been writing--the article, syllabi, assignment sheets, abstracts, course proposals, panel proposals, grant proposals, letters of recommendation, long-overdue email replies--steadily since January 2. Too much writing. Total whirlwind, but of the professional kind. I might be Super Professor of the Month.

Looking forward to re-entering my blogosphere. I have skimmed here and there, but I really have no idea what my blog peeps are up to. Is everyone OK? What's going on with Dr. Crazy and Freud? Where in the world is Profgrrrrl? Is New Kid roaming the hallways? Is Just Tenured buried in a snow drift? Is Melancholia melancholic? Whatever happened to Professor Goose? (Did the raunchy WPAS talk scare him away from my blog?)

I will just have to find out for myself, and I will be returning soon--hopefully with mirror stuff, Medusa stuff, and of course the Shakespearean boys stuff.

Oh! I was happy to discover that almost all of my Google hits involve Tussionex or DeNiro. A good pair, I think. In fact, think I will drink some Tuss and fall asleep to Taxi Driver. Mmmmmmm.

Back soon.



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