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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

End-of-the-year meme

As seen at Nimue's and others:

1. Harken back to your archives.
2. Collect the first sentence you wrote every month for the whole year.
3. Entertain us.

January: [Self-imposed blogging silence]
February: [Silence]
March: [Silence]
April: "Why do birds like to roll in the dirt?"
May: "It's been a long semester and while it's not quite over for some, it's damn near close enough." --Famous last words before the virtual happy hour hosted by Dr. Crazy and myself and attended by many rummies in the comment thread.
June: "Why have all of these people gathered here?" --Introducing the photo essay documenting the weekend that I broke up with my boyfriend of 11 months one night in a nasty public scene and boarded a tour bus the next for a little getaway.
July: "I often do this to myself." --Not as salacious as it sounds. I was referring to ending up having to work during the holiday weekend.
August: "I am giddy and exhausted from my week of adventure." --Upon returning from my beach vacation with More Fun (of the rock-and-roll circus).
September: "I had an amazing dream this morning about bluebirds."
October: "I am sniffly, achey, and I have chills."
November: "I have often complained here about having moved so much as a kid that I have no sense of any one place to call home." --Wow. It does get bleak once the Fall sets in, doesn't it?
December: "I am like that guy who says he'll call but then he doesn't call but he had really wanted to call but then it was kind of too late to call but with the blog and the posting." --Indeed.



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