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Sunday, October 14, 2007

At long last . . .I, the Chalupa, make the return to the internets

Good morning of the fine autumnal day, my friends! I offer the apologies for my absence of late. The Mama Medusa, her days are of much the busyness, and I in turn have greatness of responsibility in "holding down the fort." Some of the days I spend the whole of my time visiting my comrade, Milo, dually holding down the fort of the friend and neighbor, Paloma. There is much of the guarding and barking and the patrolling of perimeters. We are the fearsome pair.

The chill, it is now biting the air. This is the hard time for the chihuahua, for we must find the ways to keep warm, with the basking in the sun and the burrowing in the cozy blankets and with the donning of the outfits. The bite of the chill signals the most important of holidays in the Medusa household--All Hallows Eve. This will be the first of my Halloweens with the Mama Medusa, and we have the big plans. My costume is in the making, and it will be of such fantasticness! I will not reveal the surprise now! You will see the glorious disguise of the Chalupa, if you are able to recognize the Chalupa! HA! I make the Halloween joke! Here I am in my cozy bed practicing some scary faces.

That is all for now, my friends of the internets! I will try not to be the stranger! Chihuahua kisses and warm wishes for the delightful Fall to all!




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