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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Quick Medusa Update

  • Tenure: I still do not know. All good on all fronts so far but I still do not know. You cannot imagine how frustrating this is. This has been the most stressful process and the most agonizing year, in this regard.
  • Real Housewife of Atlanta: The Someone got a tenure-track job in the Southland. This is wonderful and exciting news and a brilliant coup in a market that is temperamental on its best days and was, as many of you know, downright beastly this year. This also means we'll be having a Mason-Dixon romance and maintaining residences in two cities. Yes, we need your advice and wisdom.
  • Wardrobe: I have just over a month to make some very important fashion choices for my Grand European Tour. Actually, it's just a conference and then a few days in London and a few days in Paris. I'll take it! I have to a) look fabulous at all times; b) be comfortable; and c) pack lightly. This is going to be VERY DIFFICULT TO ACHIEVE. I will be posting two This Week's European Wardrobe posts: the fantasy one and the practical one. Maybe I'll come out somewhere in between.
  • Random obsessions of these past months: The Someone, Facebook, Wii Fit, Leo Babauta's The Power of Less, trips to New York (and Uniqlo, Brooklyn Industries, cocktails with fabulous former students, too salty salt bagels on hungover mornings, missing the bus to drink Lambrusco in Little Italy), Sober House, Bon Iver, Tom Tykwer, cyborgs, and Marcuse.
Triumphant return to the blog and full post to follow soon.

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