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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Quick Weekend Update

Treats I spoiled myself with:

Manicure & pedicure: Check.

New Shoes: Opted for old comfy flip-flops. I know, Manolo, I was not as super-fantastic as I could have been.

Bassist: Check. What a bunch of drama this is turning out to be (I know, I know. . . duh, Medusa, you--twenty-year veteran of band-boy drama--should know better), but we did spend some incredible days at an incredible beach or two and I got a great dose of the cure.

Now trying to make sense of the chaos that is my home office. How can one person generate so much paper in one year? Astonishing. I need to get started on the Grand Plan for how to make family trips happen, finish one more article, get started on Very Important Paper for Very Important Conference and Very Important Related Publication on tap for next academic year, and design one new course for the fall semester.

For now, though, I am trying to bask in the glory of having finished the first task and to revel in the laziness.



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