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Sunday, October 14, 2007


Dr. Crazy
has written a brilliant post about lockdown, the term I use to describe the emotional process by which unworthy lovers are forever shut out of the heart of the beloved. I think Dante or Petrarch or Sidney probably described it first, but I am the first to elaborate on its power via the analysis of space movies.

In any case, in occurs to me that the re-fling with Narcissistic String Theory guy might be always already doomed because lockdown was initiated years ago and my heart is not unlike a sealed tomb to him forever more. See this door? It's like my heart. See that opening, with the mist and the possibility?

Under the right wrong circumstances, it's closed.

Anyway, Dr. Crazy has written a post most excellent describing with precision and humor this devastating process of the heart. Go read it, and--hey--give her some love, because she has just gone through something worthy of the initial phases of lockdown. We may go to Crazy Medusa's to discuss or to avoid discussion of this. I have an early day tomorrow, but perhaps I will just stop by for a wee nip and a chat . . .




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