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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This week's wardrobe inspired by . . .

I am happy to be back in the season of layers. Each day is basically a question of whether to go with the Swedish street urchin, citified woodland creature, or Parisian fashionaut look, each of which is represented below.


How much do I want the above vest and boots?? Muchly.

I am pretty sure I wore this exact outfit, complete with white sunglasses, in 1992. Still like it.


The silhouette. The touch of dark purple. The shoes.


Every time I wear an outfit like the above I feel like Puck or Robin Hood. That doesn't stop me.

Not represented here (surprisingly) is my current hair inspiration/obsession. My ambition to be as blond as is Medusaly possible remains strong. In fact, given that I spend so much time a) reading Scandinavian fashion blogs, and b) staring at photographs of Kate Lamphear, it's a small miracle that my hair is not completely devoid of color by this point. I consider this platinum drive to be a reverse manifestation of the same psychological phenomenon that led me to dye my hair darker and darker and darker until I achieved the blackest of black just after I defended my dissertation and graduated. In other words, it has something to do with That Which Will Not Be Discussed.




Anonymous Jennifer C. Watkins said...

The shoe here is looking so fabulous. It will looked so gorgeous on my outfit with women dresses. I am loving the color of the affordable shoes and dress . And the design is also so stunning and cute. I am also loving the dress and the other accessories , are looking so wonderful. Everyone will prefer them..

7:27 AM  

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