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Friday, October 19, 2007

Poetry Friday, Richard Brautigan (again)

A Good-Talking Candle

I had a good-talking candle
last night in my bedroom.

I was very tired but I wanted
somebody to be with me,
so I lit a candle

and listened to its comfortable
voice of light until I was asleep.

I think I have declared it Brautigan month at Professional Mirror. His stuff is just fitting my mood lately. I have seen a few recent posts around my little blogland discussing loneliness, so this one seemed fitting. It addresses the lonely but with the lightest of touches and more than a hint of everything is going to be just fine.

My mood has dipped this week. It made me realize just how happy and upbeat I have been this Fall, so I am not inclined to let the dip dip any further. A few things have brought me down: that asshat in my comments telling me I am a loser for being alone or that I am alone because I am a loser or some such nonsense which is nevertheless rude and hurtful; an INSANE amount of work combined with that time in the semester when you begin to think it an attractive idea to hurl yourself off a very tall building (or two); a ridiculous chain of events that has me having to go into work two weekends in a row; and the stalling out of the re-thing with Narcissistic String Theory guy.

Anyway, yay to Brautigan and good-talking candles and Autumn and boo hiss to asshats and too much work and narcissistic foolishness.

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