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Monday, August 08, 2005

Random thoughts from a honky tonk about 50 miles from home*

*Originally written on a bar napkin on 8/5/05

Have I really been dating musicians for close to 15 years?

I love smoking cigarettes. I miss smoking cigarettes. [Note: No, I did not smoke a cigarette that night. In one hour it will be 22 days!]

People who smoke cigarettes really smell like cigarettes.

Is there a special hippie-dancer school that I do not know about where all the hippie dancers go to learn to dance in one of those three (bad) ways that the hippie dancers invariably dance? Or does the body just automatically move that way after one ingests a certain amount of pot?

"Buena" is an excellent song. I miss Mark Sandman.

Why does that one hippie chick always hug The Boy (and only The Boy, not anyone else in the band) for like 5 minutes (and I am not kidding) straight then say something that I cannot make out but that makes him laugh? Why does she, independent of the inappropriate hugging, creep me out? More importantly, why doesn't she creep him out? By the way, she hippie dances like that one kid on The Peanuts TV special that just kind of moves his shoulders up and down and shuffles his feet. I call this Hippie Dance #3, the worst of all hippie dances.

I seem to be too insecure to deal with groupies. So why exactly have I been dating musicians for almost 15 years?

I love whiskey.



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